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The Reborn Jedi welcome you. Please take a moment to browse around the several links intended to enhance the time spent on our servers. Enjoy the site, and see you on the inside...

RJ Bulletin

ahem ... tap. tap. ... ermm, Oh - hi there! ~ JayBaen

Visitors. We've had VISITORS! ~ JayBaen

Server status and other web stuff should be working against the game servers again. ~ JayBaen

POLO! ~ Ruggiero

Marco! ~ Deacon

I'm a gonna look for you. PING! ~ JayBaen

Man. Forgot how fun a romp could be on the server ~ Ruggiero

Deacon, check your PM's on the forum ~ Ruggiero

Any... with enough notice I could free up my evenings... after 8PM EST. ~ Deacon

Deacon ... what weekend do you mean? ~ JayBaen

Anyone up for a weekend romp? Mmmmm... Deacon fooder. ~ Deacon

I've been noticing folks quietly dropping by the server. Thanks for stopping in. ~ JayBaen

Looks like there was quite a romp last night. Sorry I missed it :( ~ JayBaen

Sorry to miss you on the Server tonight Hamstar! Got the ping but was out. ~ Ruggiero

Test ~ Ruggiero

Pretty snappy yourself, sir. ~ Ruggiero

Thanks Rugg - all seems to be working. ~ JayBaen

Anyone up for a romping tonight - Sun, 04/19/09 ? ~ JayBaen

It's all a ruse - besides, I have a certain Lizard-friend who should be doing that sort of thinkedy-think for me. ~ JayBaen

Wait.... aren't you a PROFESSIONAL? ~ Ruggiero

Problem with hosting and fsocket calls on a non-standard port ... thinking ... ~ JayBaen

Methinks it's working... now what about the server-monitors in the tope window?: ~ Ruggiero

Testing ... Testing ... is this thing on? ~ JayBaen

I am off to wander the Rodian wastes for a few weeks... but look forward to a whooping on my return. ~ Ruggiero

What about Tuesday? ~ JayBaen

Thinking of having a night of it on the server Sunday (the 29th)... anyone free? ~ Ruggiero

Happy, happy, happy New Year! ~ Ruggiero


Weird that you cant use an apostrophe in the shoutbox... ~ Rugg

Did everyone hear that the Lizards fancy computer cant handle JK2? ~ Ruggiero


Servers - again ~ 05.20.20

If there's anything that Covid has gifted me recently, it has been time at my house (albeit typically working), but a little extra here and there to do some housekeeping. If you're paying attention, you'll notice the JO/JA servers are back on-line, on their original boxes (pretty unreal, actually) using the original configs, maps, etc. Most everything is functional. There are a couple of things that aren't (for now) - but you probably won't notice. I'm sure many of you don't even have the game(s) installed any longer, but - if you get the urge to wander around any of the Rodian wonders that exist ONLY in this digital realm, I would look forward to meeting up with you. Hope to see you on the inside. ~ JayBaen

Server moved and up ~ 03.08.16

For those still wandering about, I moved the server to a Linux box and am using a different executable that allows for HTTP downloads from an alternate URL (read: faster downloads for skin and map packs). I also went out visiting and found an entire European contingent of newer folks playing. Some good Jedi still out there. If anyone wants to romp around - email me. ~ JayBaen

Holiday Romping ~ 11.15.14

The holidays are again approaching, which often means our RJ folks have a little more time to gather. As always, friends old, new and far are welcome to come and re-sharpen their sabers. Here's hoping to see you all on the inside at some point this season. ~ JayBaen

Still Open for Business ~ 02.14.14

Yes, I took a stroll around Sublime 3 (on both servers) yesterday after a couple of days of getting set back up post-move. It's amazing how fun it is to re-explore all the secrets and just enjoy the scenery. If anyone is up for a stumble, message me via the forums. ~ JayBaen

Not Completely Dead ~ 03.01.13

No - not quite yet. Just a quick post to let anyone taking a peek know that we still wander the halls on occasion. ~ JayBaen

Happy Holidays ~ 12.23.11

To the DAY of last year's posting. FWIW, a few of us are jumping into "The Old Republic" and gladly welcoming companions. If you happen to find yourself with the game, give us a shout on the forums. It would be good to see some folks in the land of the Jedi again. ~ JayBaen

Happy Holidays ~ 12.23.10

Yes, yes. I realize it's been nearly a year since a post has hit this front page - but several of us are still around and wishing you the happiest of holidays! ~ JayBaen

Servers, etc. ~ 01.26.10

All servers, resources, Teamspeak, etc. are migrated and running as expected. RJ - check the forums for details on credentials and more. ~ JayBaen

Downtime ~ 01.19.10

RJ servers will be down for several hours during the middle of the day (today) while the boxes are physically moved to a new location. Everything should be back up by EOB. ~ JayBaen

Teamspeak ~ 01.18.10

Yep, Teamspeak is up and running again. Check the link to the page for status and direct joining of a channel. ~ JayBaen

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